Inspiring Shakespeare … second folio

My original idea of ‘actor walks into a pub’…for the Roath Festival has been revised.

The intention now is to invite writers to submit pieces which use the basic premise underpinning a Shakespeare speech as the inspiration for a modern equivalent. These would be played in tandem with the original speech.

For example, a writer might decide explore the parallel between a suicide bomber considering his/her mission and the king from ‘The Scottish Play’ being confronted by the vision of a knife just before he murders Duncan.

Or a person urging themselves to take action than ‘…peek like John o’ dreams…’

Still working on the detail and the exact shape of the final show. Then there’s funding…

UPDATE: 10/5/2016

This project has changed shape somewhat into a fuller idea for a show. Full of thoughts and ideas…

Speeches for Spaces – Plays for Places

Speeches for SpacesThe basic idea: speeches or short plays based on a specific location.

For example, one or more speeches or a flash play to be performed on Cardiff Bay in the summer of 2016. These speeches would be based upon an aspect of the bay’s past or even projected future.

Another example. During the May Day celebrations held at Cefn Coed colliery museum every year, a short play based upon the colliery’s past and the central role coal mining played within the local community.

These are just thoughts at the moment but I soon hope to turn them into projects.