City Road Episode 1

City Road 1st Episode
18th October Roath Park Tavern City Road Cardiff

Each episode of ’City Road’ is totally unscripted and built upon rehearsed improvisations. Each character is the creation of the actor with the storyline being devised by the director working in tandem with the actors.


Eileen O’Driscoll has owned and run the City Road public house for years after inheriting it from a relative. Her husband Sean walked out when the children were young and has never been heard of since. Although he is rumoured to have run off to America with another woman, no-one really knows what has happened to him.

The pub was once one of the most successful in the area but the struggle of bringing up three girls on her own and running a pub, along with the general economic downturn, means it and Eileen are barely managing to stay afloat. As we meet Eileen, her middle daughter Melisa (with one ’s’), an accountant, is due back from her 6 week honeymoon touring the Far East and Australia with husband Jamie. Sinead, her youngest daughter and the one most like her, remains at home and works in the pub. Siobhan, the eldest daughter, is currently living and teaching out in Australia. Eileen’s brother and his wife have returned to Ireland to live in order to look after his wife’s ageing mother and have left their only child Rhian in the care of Eileen so she can complete her college course.

Meanwhile Daniel, new to the area, waits for his date from an online dating site to turn up.