City Road Feedback

So the first ‘season’ of ‘City Road’ is over and I thought I would share some of the comments we have received:

“First time at City Road and thought it was amazing. To bring drama of this quality to an audience that may not usually see it, is the best. Typical of “Made in Roath” bringing art to the public. Wish I had seen all the other episodes. More please.” G. Edwards.

“Gritty urban drama kept us on the edge of our seats….having missed the previous episodes, when is the omnibus on?!” Stella Pascos & Rob Booth

“Good idea to locate in a city pub giving the storyline a realistic feel and although only attended the last episode, I could understand what was going on and felt part of the drama.” Steve Pedley

“Would love to see more of this production. Storyline strong, good characters.” Ellen Pedley

“Thanks for a great show – really enjoyed it!”

“Diolch!” E Adam.

“Don’t want it to end…want to know what happens next!” our two best customers – names unknown!

“I’m really going to miss this!” Kim, landlady of Roath Park