City Road

City Road Logo ‘Local Lives’ has become ‘City Road’ and is now part of the Made in Roath festival. Between Saturday, October 18th and Wednesday, October 22nd, ‘City Road’ can be experienced at the Roath Park Tavern on ….City Road, Cardiff (there may be a change of venue on 20th as we shall be teaming up with 3Crate for the evening they are organising).

Each performance will last approximately 15 minutes and should be in the early evening – exact time to be confirmed. The fifty words of ‘blurb’ as they will appear in the ‘Made in Roath’ brochure.

‘City Road’ a new soap opera bubbling with all the drama and entertainment you expect but in a local pub! So grab a drink and get to know the lives and loves of some new locals – all in the intimate atmosphere of the pub bar. Don’t miss it!

The next stage is to build a rehearsal schedule and sketch out some possible story lines and potential characters, if for no other reason, to get all our creative juices flowing.

Potential intro/outro below to sound the start/end ‘bell’.